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Trisha & Temi’s Romantic Wedding at Trim Castle, County Meath | TrayChic Platinum Bride

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

This week’s spotlight wedding goes to Trisha and Temi. When I initially talked to Trisha about what she dreamt her wedding would be like, she knew two things for sure, that she and Temi would be surrounded by family and the people who loved them the most and that the day HAD to be filled with laughter and dancing. However, somewhere in the story, she would transform her look into something unexpected (three times), and with each of the three dresses, she’d have a different hairstyle. This is where Traychic designs come in.

I initially talked to Trisha through a brief call in the evening. Her sister in law had referred her to me in her search for a Dublin-based professional hairstylist for her wedding. 

“ Most (hairstylists) seemed hesitant and reluctant when I mentioned I wanted to have three hairstyles throughout the day. But when I talked to Tracy ― I just remember how relaxed and unphased she was about it all. She just said okay, let’s do a trial, ” Trisha recalls. 

The trial included an initial wig fitting with the wig provided by TrayChic, this was to ensure that the wig fit well and that the lace matched. Trisha provided images of the accessories she wanted and shared her estimated budget, and I sourced these at an affordable price for her big day. All except for the iconic red flower accessories she wanted for her bridal team on the big day. Instead, these were handcrafted and designed by me with red floral detailing.

“ A few weeks before the big day, Tracy embraced me into her home and we ran through all the looks we would do on the day. The evening was full of laughter and chats before we knew it, we had finalised all the looks and I knew everything was going to be okay. ”  

I believe this created the chemistry which relaxed her on the day because I wasn't a stranger to her, and she knew that she was in great hands.

After the weeks had come to a close, and it was the morning of the wedding, like any Bride, Trisha woke up excited and anxious about what the day she had spent so long planning would hold. Would everything go as planned? Had they forgotten one crucial part of the day? She made her way downstairs, where the music was playing, and her family was waiting for her with equal excitement to see that her hairdresser was already there with her two assistants and prepped. Before long, she was getting her makeup done, then her hair and dressed up.

“ All the nerves seemed to disperse as my bridesmaids trickled into the room with their hair done so beautifully and smiles on their faces. That is the moment I knew the day would be nothing far from perfect.”

From the start, Temi had been eager to see his wife walking towards him in the church and finally say I do and as the day continued, everything else was just the icing on top. The bridesmaids looked gorgeous in their gold backless gowns and wore their hair in a bun with handcrafted accessories adorned with red flowers. These were designed by me as we couldn’t find the exact accessory for her big day.

For the reception, Trisha’s hair was unravelled for her second look and wavy hair flowed to the side. Between the rush of the planner urging us to keep on time, the change of makeup and freshening up the bridesmaids’ hair,  its was challenging. However,  we all kept in good spirits with excitement buzzing through the room. I was confident we could do it without sacrificing any time, especially after such a successful trial.

For Trisha, the highlight of the day was when the night drifted closer, and everyone was somewhere on the dance floor.

“ I almost didn’t want to change into the last outfit I was tired and didn’t want to miss out on any of the fun. But Temi nudged me and told me I would feel better if I did so ― he was right.” she recalls.
Tracy took no more than fifteen minutes to whip my hair into the last look. It had plats running back and my hair falling in a wavy curl pattern, that look is by far my favourite. I felt so comfortable and gorgeous, and by the time I was back at the party no time had passed."

Trisha and Temi spent the rest of the night just as they had dreamt they would, on the dancefloor, surrounded by family and the people who cherish them most. 

Thank you, Trisha and Temi for letting us in on your day.


- Images by Ola Ere Photography

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